Data Sculpture - Analysis, Narrative & Visualization

Generative AI | Interaction & Conversational Design | Data Visualization

Helping people utilize and communicate data.

A generative intelligence workflow for shaping data, conducting analysis, and sharing insights with user-friendly interactions and quality collaboration.

Most teams in todays workplace have a high appetite for data-oriented decisions, but they lack the access to their data, or the ability to properly shape it into a compelling narrative that moves stakeholders. Entire companies may have only one or two employees with a creator license to data analysis tools, and they are backed up many weeks before they are able to build new views for team members. Additionally, the market is spilt in two categories, 1) SAP-like large data aggregators with poor usability and static views, and 2) Canva-like marketing design tools which have little data integrity and no analysis functionality.

Create a tool that allows for the everyday worker to upload data, utilize best practices in data communication, and collaborate with others. We want to create a tool that allows people to try different visuals in a non-destructive way, the add a verbal narrative describing findings, takeaways, and action items. A place where a team of people are in the same view in real-time, working together and looking at the same things. To create a tool that sources common and publicly available information to quickly build views and data-driven artifacts, and to do it with confidence.

- Conduct generative research studies with potential users and purchase decision makers
- Ideate on concepts aligned with design challenge specifications
- Build and test prototypes of the experience for users to complete key tasks