Shiner + Music

Event Planning | Environmental Design | Branding & Visual

Shiner has a long-standing relationship with the music industry, from folk music of its Czech roots, to the exploding 70's music scene in Austin, and continuing to current day independent and local musician support. Shiner has attended many shows, and they've hosted a few of their own. 


Fun Fun Fun Fest

This festival is different in all regards as it focuses on genres—Metal, Hip-hop, Electronic, and Comedy—each in district regions of the park. Our team designed experiences to bridge these regions by creating a scavenger hunt, an photo-op sculpture of a skull, posters, swag, and of course, a bar.


South by Southwest Music & Film Festival

During South By Southwest over several years we were tasked with creating care packages for musicians & VIPs staying at the venue, Hotel San Jose, which included a 70's throwback of classic Shiner goodies as well as a complete reprint of a 70's Texas Monthly Magazine with a Willie Nelson article. Our design team also created other experiential touchpoint over the festival weekend. We often worked with Gibson and Fender as part of the engagements.


Austin City Limits Music Festival

Austin was considered home turf, but the brand was often out-bidded by larger breweries, like Budweiser and Heineken, to be inside the gates of the multi-day festival. So, in classic local style, you just host your own party with local artists, eats, and brews.